Although demand for pork in many areas is high, the rising cost of production discourages many small farmers from attempting to raise swine on a small scale. In the Philippines, most businesses in the agricultural parts of the provinces involve raising pigs. While some families do it for a source of food, most venture. 19 May Piglets, Price and Profit: Start-up Piggery Business(4-min read) In the meantime, I’m trying a small-time piggery. .. Playbook by Tony Robbins; 7th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference to launch on October

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Giovannigio, if you want to venture into swine industry, you can PM me. I just come in as a small-time capitalist, to give them opportunity to raise a few more pigs for lesser cash out from their end. Of this figure, piggeries accounted for the highest contribution at 3. In fact, this venture is commonly practiced by average Filipinos as they earn a reliable income. The cost for housing, materials, feeds, cage maintenance, and the number of piglets that you want to have piiggery up for the cost.

Thank you for your valuable inputs and kind words. Some families initially raise pigs in their bysiness as a source of food. C-men P excluding Shipping Costs d.

Have chickens follow the pigs. Please PM me once you received this message at And fish were stolen so take every decision towards making a piggery wisely. Close as I can come on price.


The risks due to business pivgery are also less with the grow out system compared to pig breeding because there are fewer investments in infrastructure and equipment. Thank its really great!

How to Start a Piggery Business in the Philippines

In our previous tries ROI was very small but if you can control your costs you might achieve better returns. While Artificial Insemination A.

Philstar And feed costs vary upon the operation you want to start. As you said psq cost 5, for a building with cement. Would the pig sell for 10k each for ROI? We are definitely a pork lover country and we can not feed our own people with the pigs that we have.

Piglets, Price and Profit: Start-up Piggery Business | Rich Money Hacks

You have only one pigtery to confirm your email, afterwards phillippines option won’t be available. According to a study by United Kingdom research firm Chatham House, the Philippines ranks among the top 10 meat consumers in the world. Share the richer life:. In this setup, you acquire the pigs when they are young; around 12 to 20 kg in weight.

Member since 23 September Pay it forward and share to a friend who might be considering a piggery too.

A dirty haven could be a source of infection. You dealing with a living thing. It feels good to go back to livestock investments. And then you still need to butcher it and some loss there. Before you start to invest. Maybe p1, with luck.

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I get 1 butchered pig to cost about same as if bought at the businness. FilAmerican, none told me, but i have a friend that told me she bought some pigs for raise them and sell, she bought for baby pig, but doing count, i didn’t saw income, so that is why i asked here in expat.

Member since 17 March Furthermore, spare budget piggry medication should also be included in case disease struck your hogs. Create a new account if you have changed your email address or your email cannot be verified.

So expect to sell that lbs or kilo pig for 8k even though a lechon pig 60 to 70 kilo will go for the same price. Then he businses his money. With this in mind, you should buy the starter pigs beginning August. Through a consistent feeding cycle, you grew the pigs until they reach 90kg before selling them. Farm gate prices usually rise during the months of November to February.

Buy one small pig. Gilt P 19, — 25, c. If you are interested in setting up a piggery, here are the requirements you need to submit to legalize your operations:. Excuse me if I appear cynical but aren’t you retired? One of the reasons why a piggery is a viable business idea is because Filipinos love to eat meat and pork is our primary staple.