Paul Brunton and the Secret Path. an appreciation by John Behague. There have been many who have influenced me in my lifelong search for the truth, but. 12 May By Georg Feuerstein. I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL TO PAUL BRUNTON, for it was his first book that was also my first encounter with the. The Secret Path is a practical guide to the spiritual wisdom of the East. Paul Brunton () is generally recognized as one of the pioneers who introduced.

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Its difficulty will astonish you.

Bruntton strongly do you wish for enlightenment? His body is supernaturally quiet, as steady as a statue. Books by Paul Brunton. I vividly remember how, more than a quarter of a century ago, his Search in Secret India held me spellbound for months.

Return to Book Page. At the ppath of 16, he experienced a series of ecstatic states as a direct result of having meditated regularly and intensely for six months. The catch, however, is that in order to find Him you first have to find yourself. The author, a young Englishman, tells the true story sscret his adventures travelling up and down India looking for a genuine guru. He rests his peaceful eyes on the man from the West in what proves to be a profound initiatory gaze. At the time of his death, on July 27,he had amassed some 17, pages of notes, all secert organized into 28 categories.

His search ends when he finds Ramana Maharshi. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Thee incessantly worked on his inner growth. He lived with princes, mystics, and holy men; he stayed in palaces and mud huts; and he emerged as something of a guru himself, with a message of incredible importance and hope for those who care to read it. Dec 13, Liz Navarro rated it liked it.

Sury Vemagal rated it really liked it Nov 19, This book is bruntoh yet featured on Listopia. His eyes begin to change; they narrow down to pin-points.


Suddenly the onslaught stopped, and a new, benign presence made itself known. But it can be done. This book is a galloping adventure story, a sort of spiritual Raiders of the Lost Arkbut it’s also an accurate description of spiritual experience and a summary of important spiritual teachings. This is thy Self, the ruler within, the immortal. Slavomir rated it really liked it Jul 29, His main resolve was to be independent of allegiances and authorities and to rely on his own observations and findings so that he could set down the simple truths of things that had become hidden or distorted over the years.

He was aware of the difficulties and demands that so many people face in their daily lives. The Secret Path by Paul Brunton. Mairead Kelly rated it it was amazing Jul 31, He never stood still, and it was hard for many of his readers to keep up with his rapidly unfolding philosophical wisdom. See it on Amazon.

I never met him, but I feel close to him; I visited the same places he visited, met the same kinds of people he met, and experienced similar things. Sometimes miracle men prove to be little more than conjurers. In fact, he was invited to spend his final years at the ashram, which, however, he was unable to do for practical reasons. The very persons who have been studying all the sciences have yet to study the science of self.

He expressed his newfound understanding that conventional mysticism was not the final answer in a book entitled The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yogapublished in Not once does he catch wecret gaze, for his eyes continue to look into remote space, and infinitely remote it paaul.

The Secret Path

Why does no hand stretch out from the Great Unknown to save us? He was told that the mystery of the Great Pyramid is the mystery of his own self, that all the secret chambers and hidden records are to be found within himself. For Brunton, the principal objective of the book was to introduce his Western readers to the ancient but largely forgotten notion that the spiritual realm interpenetrates our physical plane, and that spirit beings are indeed as real as we are.


Truth is a state of being, not a set of words, he asserted, and he begged people to start experimenting for themselves.

It is done by using the mind to enquire into its own operation. This is clearly one of the best written books on mysticism which I have read. His search was more successful than my own because he had the courage and determination to venture into the unknown, tear down curtains of superstition, topple idols, and scatter sacred cows. There have been many who have influenced me in my lifelong search for the truth, but none more so than Paul Brunton.

All PB hoped was that people would find within themselves what he had found within himself. In The Hidden Teaching Beyond YogaBrunton put forward a powerful critique of a conventional mysticism that seeks to abandon the world in favor of mere solitude and silence. Sitting in total darkness, hearing only his own breathing, Brunton entered a state of meditative inwardness.

Switching off our minds in the midst of tumult may seem impossible, but it can be done. Rahul Mohrir rated it really liked it Feb 10, If we will not press and push it open, our darkness is self-doomed. Strange sensations begin to arise in me.

Paul Brunton’s Secret Path by Georg Feuerstein

His withdrawal from the public eye was so efficient that two major newspapers ran obituaries on him. When he arrived in India, he did not come empty-handed, nor was he in need of learning the spiritual ABCs.

We must face facts bravely and realize that divine will is ultimately behind the whole universe teh consequently must even be behind the horror and agony and wickedness too.

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