Nur Ul Idah English. Uploaded by Nash Isseljee. A Classical Hanafi Islamic Law Manual taught as the first book for the BA in ISlamic Law & Theology Course. Nur al-Idah is a Hanafi text which includes vast areas of jurisprudence, Full english translation of the classical hanafi fiqh kitab now available. Nur ul Ezah – English – The Light of Clarification By Imam Hasan Shurunbulali. Posted on January 20, by islamicbookslibrary. Read Online. Version 1.

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However, with the advent of Islam came teachings that would not disconnect the servant from his and leave in him disconnected from the Lord of mankind. It is therefore conditional for the performance of tayammum. He further added, I have not seen anyone more intelligent than Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan].

But while in this specific sense the door of u is not and cannot be closed, Islamic scholarship has not accepted anyone’s claim to absolute ijtihad since Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi’i and Ahmad. In this stipulation, one does not have to specify his condition, whether it be major or minor impurity, for intending purification alone is sufficient.

And as long as it was introduced into the law with that quality, then it is necessary that it remains as such even after it is commenced.

Full text of “Nur al-Idah – The Light of Clarification”

The definition of washing is that at least a couple of drops should flow from the limb. The nature of water is to be thin and easy flowing, and if it loses this nature through cooking or due to a substance defeating the water, then this change renders the water unfit for wudu, such as when one cooks lentils in the water and allows it to dry, it becomes hardened, which then deems it invalid to use.

The sunna is to purify the area, and to use a prescribed number of stones is recommended, and not an emphasized sunna, and the recommended number of stones to use is three, even if the area is cleaned in less than that Imam Shafi’i said that three is necessary due to the words of the Prophet God bless him and grant him peace [Perform istinja with three stones]. Nur al-Idah is a Hanafi text which includes vast areas of jurisprudence, namely, the rulings pertaining to worship.

A’ishah related that the Prophet God bless him and grant him peace said “The pen has been lifted from three; “A sleeping man, until he wakes; an immature person until he attains maturity and an insane person until he is restored to his senses.


There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The water is deemed impure even if no trace of the filth appears therein.

A person deemed excused is one who suffers from a chronic ailment such as continuously breaking wind and therefore unable to maintain wudu for the time needed o perform an obligatory prayer. Send to a friend Nur al-Idah: For the majority of scholars, fard and wajib are synonymous, and both convey an imperative and binding demand regarding the performance of an action. Hence, when one from two appears and when two from three appears, the water is deemed unfit because it has been dominated.

Nur al-Idah: The Light of Clarification (NEW EDITION)

If nearness to God is not the objective, the water is not deemed used. Salman said [The Prophet forbade us from cleaning the private parts with the right hand, and from cleansing with less than three stones, or cleansing with dung or bone]. This doubt will be explained shortly. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location. But someone who does not follow the Prophet in such matters is not considered a wrongdoer and is not blameworthy in any way because they are not in the degree of the sunan al-Huda emphasised as mentioned previously.

The reason this would be an inevitable result is because understanding how to icah rules from the Quran and sunna is so vast an enterprise that even if one spent a lifetime endeavouring to achieve this, it would not be possible to expertise. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Such issues were opposed by misguided groups like the Khawarij, Jahmiyya and Karramiyya.

Su’r is known as the remainder. One must therefore remove his ring, interlace or rub between his fingers and wipe the entire skin of his face including the hair according to the correct view.

About the book The translation of Nur al-Idah is displayed in bold while the commentary and explanation, the majority of which is from Maraky al-Falah is written in plain text. It leaves the student or dnglish reader well prepared to deal with the majority of matters ranging from purification, prayer, funerals, zakat to hajj.

If the water is in a place that is circular and the circumference is thirty six arms length, it is considered a large quantity of water. Having the ability to use the water also means one’s excuse of permitting tayammum is no longer present, such as the enemy retreating or one’s sickness has been alleviated or it is no longer cold or one has found an instrument by which to extract water, in which case tayammum is void.

In the traditional Alim egnlish, it is usually covered in the second or third years. Then his walking to the masjid and his prayer give him extra reward. A’ishah Allah be pleased with ieah reported [The Prophet would uul and kiss some of his wives, and then would pray without making wudu]. People inquire concerning legal issues and they act according to the answers given. A person may fear for himself, goods, or trusts that he has in his possession.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. See the previous chapter: Therefore, if half of these limbs or the majority is engliish, tayammum is permitted. Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude: He then immersed himself to fiqh becoming one of the greatest scholars in Kufa. The hadith mentioned by the Prophet that “Water is from water? Write a customer review. Today we dont have the facility and life style of the Taabieen for all of us to sit in circles of learning all the time and become ullama.

The rule for such acts is that one who adopts them with the intention of following the Prophet, is an excellence and is to be rewarded. If one does not possess this quantity, englisy it is like one who does not nue water.

It reveals in a small way as to why the Hanafi Madhhab is held in such high esteem from scholars all over the world. The Prophet God bless him and give him peace said [When the private parts [of the male and female] cohabit with each other and the penis disappears in the vagina, bathing becomes obligatory for both the male and female ]. Seller information ibcshop Purification If the filth crosses the boundary of its outlet and is equal to the size of a dirham, 1 it is necessary to remove it with water or with a liquid cleanser such as rose water.

If not, then one may offer the prayer through indication i. It is however, recommended to undertake the major bath as a precautionary measure.


The text also includes sample examination questions in an effort to help the reader view the laws in a different light and to enable him to deal with legal rules in a practical way. It is disliked to urinate or defecate in water even if it is flowing, and the same applies in a place of shade because it may be a rest area for other people. The Hanafi view is that he is in a state of purification as long as water is unavailable, which means he can perform his obligation as long as its condition is valid.