Krautrocksampler has ratings and 37 reviews. Drew said: I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to read this book at all. Back when British postp. Love him or hate him, Julian Cope has probably done more to resurrect and His book Krautrocksampler sure got me interested in the music (in my 40s no. JOHNPEEl. (RAIROCKWAMPLER. One Head’s Guide ſo he Great Kosmische Musik– Onwards. Julian Cope. HEAD HERITAGE. C.E.. 2ND EDITION .

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It just took time to get it. The Heads were taking over. That’s where he loses me. What do you suggest? And halfway through Side I is their most defining Krautrock riff of all. Also, an epilogue would be nice as Cope only sees the era ending as he thinks each suggestive band gets exhausted for Can, this means before Soon Over Krautrockeampler Was finally able to peruse this one via.

Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope

I saw them live on their legendary tour, but you could show me 10 photos of Krautrock musicians, and I could not pick out the five members of Faust.

Faust means ‘fist’, and a fist they were. People have complained that Cope has covered only the more popular Krautrockers and its true but he does it well enough. Great book but will not get me into musique concrete!

Because Cope strikes the perfect balance between scholarship and context on the one hand, and sheer infectious joy on the other.

It’s my favorite ever Faust song. Oct 06, Ed rated it liked it. In julizn foyer were free Faust manifestos handed to everyone, and free Henry Cow posters. And at a time when a hype could kill a new band stone-dead, even John Peel wrote that hulian he first saw the album “. He told this to the music journalist, Uwe Nettlebeck, who was extremely impressed and wanted to lead just such a project.

Taff Oh, the Brian book? There’s an ominousness in the gross image that depicts the song No Harma small woman being attacked by a gargantuan man, which is disgusting and questionable.

Mar 02, Sarah marked it as to-read Shelves: Jun 30, Krautrocksampoer rated it it was amazing. The band bios are sub-liner-notes in quality and don’t have much that you can’t get from a well written Wikipedia page.

Julian Cope’s ‘Krautrocksampler’ in PDF form | Dangerous Minds

If Reynolds is comparable to Greil Marcus, then Cope is more like Lester Bangs, filling every page of his book with overbrimming enthusiasm and out-of-control stream of consciousness rants about all of the great Krautrock records he grew up listening to.

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Or maybe, we suggest hopefully, with an update or maybe another 50 of his wizardly album reviews.

So where were Faust coming from? While it was every bit as informative and entertaining as my most recent music-history read, Simon Reynolds’ “Rip It Up And Start Again,” Cope’s book is far shorter–only about pages total–and read less like kraufrocksampler scholarly work and more like a nonstop thrillride.

At times they caught snatches of their songs and flung them about a bit, but they had concrete on stage and big road drills and their very Stooges ‘ Ur-punk presence awed krautdocksampler and shocked me.

The book was first published in the United Kingdom in by Head Heritage, and was later translated into GermanItalian and Krautrocksamler. Personally, I like Brian Barritt a lot, but the last conversation we had was him telling me how he was Leary’s best friend and how the name Krautrocksamplre proved that he was one of the original chieftains of the first tribes.

Above all, Cope expounds gloriously upon the merits of nearly every album he mentions, creating within his reader krautroxksampler insatiable urge to hear them all with such sentences as: Copw name Uwe Nettlebeck was constantly heard, and rumour’s in the press abounded.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One played the drums, one played the piano and sung, one played acoustic guitar and sung, and the two others played pinball machines that triggered synthesizers – backs to each other on either side of the stage, as strobes caught the strings of the finest rhythm guitarist since Lou Reed.

It is pretty fair to say that no one expected Julian Cope to prove to be so well-suited to the task of historian and critic.

You know what’s coming and its exciting and a total rush, man, but there is nothing really new. Sti While it is undeniably important in the popularization of Krautrock, it’s less useful for a contemporary reader. Cope’s approach is that of the fanboy, a headlong rush to preach the Krautrock gospel and convert the uninitiated. Va detto che in questo modo scoprii un sacco di buona musica, di artisti e dischi fondamentali, ma le mie orecchie adolescenti erano affa Commento del marzo They had become a part of mid-teenage British culture and The Faust Tapes was subjected to Monty Python -like rituals in the schoolyard, to see how much of it we knew and sort out the real Heads.


Lists with This Book. Now, gormless things that Creep, who write for Q, the Wire, and other such worthy, short-haired, culturally-barren tomes have picked up on the phenomenon and claimed it for themselves. Thankfully the Freeman’s have “repressed” their book as a beautiful cd-rom with more content including audio and visual additions.

Now, led by Cope’s enthusiasm – first formed in his adolescence and carried on down the years – and his wonderful musician’s ear and capacity to even dare to tackle the gargantuan task of trying to explain in words the subtlety and enormity and madness and timelessness and dexterity and sheer questing versatility of the music that was being made by these ornery glitter-eyed Germans in the late s and early s, I can do just that.

This page was last edited on 15 Aprilat The best sax solo in the world chases the fade. This tiny tome packs a powerful punch! The rhythm guitar is on the same level as the Velvet Underground ‘s “Live “, and the sax solo is my favorite on record. He is a fan boy of the best stripe. This sampler being much smaller than the other I quickly got the top 50 in the back only to find that they’re in alphabetical order, not order of hotness.

This short, impassioned book on Krautrock – which essentially put the genre back on the map and gave it a critical shape by separating it from the lumpen morass of mostly derivative prog that it had to often share shelves and turntables with – came out in and was an immediate revelation.

And hanging with them afterwards amazed me how much more vital they were than most of my own shrivelled contemporaries. That was just an excuse to be a fat slob. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But the story did not end there.

Additional to his own work as a musician, Cope remains an avid champion of obscure and underground music. Then he backed it up with Syd Barritt and Barritt homes and Barritt’s sweets and how every ancient site in the world was known originally as a Barritt, but nobody knew yet.