Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets [Sudhir Venkatesh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times. : Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets ( Audible Audio Edition): Sudhir Venkatesh, Reg Rogers, Stephen J. Dubner. Gang Leader for a Day has ratings and reviews. Petra X said: Sudhir Venkatesh had a problem when researching and writing this book. It was s.

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JT’s duties to his superiors involve voter registration and the brazen delivery of block votes, and criminal-political respectability is what he craves.

Skdhir for telling us about the problem. Homeless people or street vendors.

Researcher Studies Gangs by Leading One : NPR

For those of us who have never lived in them, we all have our own idea of what inner-city projects are like. Yet somehow, he comes across as somewhat sympathetic- he cares deeply about his children, does nice things for the buildings inhabitants, is college educated, and is a real entrepenaur with leadership skills. First introduced in “Freakonomics,” here is the full story of Sudhir Venkatesh, the sociology grad student who infiltrated one of Chicago’s most notorious gangs The story of the young sociologist who studied a Chicago crack-dealing gang from the inside captured the world’s attention when it was first described in “Freakonomics.

I’m not sure we’ll ever see a solution to things like drugs and gangs and bribery and violence. As a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Venkatesh gained groundbreaking access to the Robert Taylor Homes.

Learn more by picking up Gang Leader for a Day in full to get educated. Videos About This Book.

Often left to look after themselves the communities developed are complicated and the line between legal and venkatseh are blown away. How relevant could it be now? Sudhir painfully recollects his utter lack of social intelligence many, many times 3. He gave money to some local youth centers for sports equipment and computers.

This lleader out as a rip-roaring read for me. January 12, 5: But Gang Leader doesn’t do it any justice.

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Zuckerberg’s Year of Books in 5 Minutes: What you Really Need to Know About Gang Leader for a Day

Despite his frequently expressed esteem for J. However, this is a extremely vulgar book. It’s a great reminder to someone comfortably in the middle class that climbing out of poverty is much more difficult than anyone not in that situation can imagine. When his gang was warring with another gang, for instance, J.

Week 1 discussion points 1 9 Apr 02, It’s a brazen, page turning, and fundamentally honest view into the morally ambiguous, highly intricate, often corrupt struggle to survive in what is tantamount to an urban war zone. His first book, American Project: After addressing his troops, J.

Bradley, in his gangster suit, fedora and gold tie, was the man tracksuited JT wanted to be. Maybe I would have been better off reading his dissertation.

Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets

Start free Blinkist trial. But because he’d immersed himself so deeply within ggang complex and its residents, he found it hard to step away and keep everyone happy and ensure his safety. After many years, eventually his research came to a close, as did this book. He dehumanizes in his very attempt to humanize. His aspirations about gang life are petty and superficial 4.

Oct 18, Melissa rated it really liked it.

Sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh befriended the leader of one of the country’s largest and most violent gangs and ultimately led the gang for a day. Gang Leader for a Day 1 5 Jan 08, On the other hand, Ms. The gang members weren’t just focused on drug sales and weapons and drive-bys. The flat, direct style pays highest dividends when, with brutal self-awareness, Venkatesh ganng ‘deeply ambivalent’ feelings about his own trajectory, ‘making a name for myself in academia by talking about the inner workings of street gangs’ at Ivy League universities.

The gang leader gives him an unprecented look at both life in the gang, and life in the projects for everyone where it is a major struggle to survive. Jan 28, Reggie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He finds a professor who wants to study the poor after venturing out into the southside neighborhoods of Chicago and deciding he wants to do something in that vein.



After nearly three years of hanging out with J. He goes to an almost condemned project building with a very funny and subjectively offensive This book was recommended by elader friend who had just finished it as well sudhor Freakonomics.

I guess by the time U of C found out what he was doing, it was too late? I was one of what Sudhir Venkatesh calls ‘the journalists and other outsiders who came by hunting up stories He learned it was impossible to play both sides and keep everyone on an even keel. Dec 12, Petra X rated it really liked it Shelves: Rather than asking survey questions and then breaking down the data using quantitative and statistical techniques safely behind dday desk, he immersed himself in this alternate life instead using another method called “ethnography”, or the studying of life by direct observation.

Also, Venkatesh made sure to include an example of how he “helped to save a life. The documentary aired on PBS in Obviously, people go hungry, don’t have enough money for basics, gnag in substandard housing, etc, which is bad enough, but I never thought about, for example, how many women are vemkatesh abused sexually or physically and how the poor are often extorted there are bribes for public services, protection payments, and cuts taken from under the table income for the privilege of working.

Gang Leader for a Day – Wikipedia

Now a professor of sociology at Columbia University, Venkatesh ventured into Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes housing project in the s to do research for his doctorate. The Sudhir Venkatesh on the book jacket, in his vintage leather coat with the collar up, arms folded in tough guy stance in front of derelict seeming housing projects slightly out of focus in the back ground, seems like a wannabe bad ass. You heard of people leaving you for others?

I have to admit that J.