27 Apr The power of this prayer of Imam Muhammad al-Dar’i lies in its simplicity, its purity, and its sincere supplication. It is essentially a plea to God. 24 Sep The Nasiri Dua is from the pen of the renowned Susi Shaykh of the Shadhiliyya Tariqa. Shaykh ibn Nasir (d. AH) was a Shaykh of. Product Description. The Nasiri Du’a. This supplication has been tried, tested and proven to relieve distress and to avert difficult situations, especially when they.

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Fill our land with good prosperity, Release our citizens from dire poverty; 66 67 Bestow on him a peace that befits his holy nasir In accordance with the pure nobility of his nature, 72 73 Lord, we stand before You now, bereft without You, lost, Without design or strategy, by every tempest tossed; When news of this reached the ulama and Sufis in the Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez their hearts overflowed in recognition of The Nasiri Dua that conquered the military might of France.

An order came from the President of France authorising the French forces to issue an edict banning the public recitation in the Mosques of the Nasiri Dua. Haven of the helpless, upon You we depend; Helper of the hapless, we trust in Your godsend! Protect our herds, preserve our crops, increase our nasiru, And give and bless our commerce naasiri approving rains; Our hands are raised to You, our palms are open wide: Supplication is the true weapon of a believer.

Full text of “Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation : Prayer of the Oppressed”

For solace in these states, we turn to You alone, Complaining that we cannot nasifi it on our own. Our numbers are reduced, our former wealth effaced, Our once exalted rank and high repute abased; n.

O You whose mercy falls like rain unceasingly, dau. It was in this situation that Shaykh ibn Nasir adopted his position of the most powerful resistance to the enemy.

Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. We seek no good except what flows from Your wide door And yearn for grace that comes from Your unending more. Surely, God and His Angels bestow benedictions upon the Prophet.


Nasiri Dua

O You, whose mercy is nasrii refuge for all those In dire need who flee to You to lose their woes, 2. In desperation they informed Paris of this new problem. And place our status over those who took our lands, Constrain their evil now, and tightly bind their hands; The decadent French provincial governors began to dia that a new wind of defiance and hope was lifting the Moroccan people into a pride and defiance they had not seen. Pardon and forgive us, and keep us safe from ill, And all submitted ones who seek to know Your will; O You whose mighty kingdom never becomes less, We hope to take asylum in divine largesse; Faced with the massive military strength of France, its trained and technologically equipped army as well as its air force, the ulama the Muslim Scholars recognised that in military terms there was no chance of victory.

Sustainer of us all, O towering support, Our Lord who grants us all defense within His fort, The Prophet describes the most powerful form of revelation he experienced as the reverberation of a bell jarasand God knows best.

Nasiri Dua Produced By Ameen Harron by Abdelfatah Mouttaqui | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Your current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud. La ghalib illallah, Edited from the text of Shaykh Dr. Always lead us, Lord, to what is right and true, The path real martyrs take and those who gaze on You; Complete and blissful knowledge of You within our soul!

You alone save drowning souls, so gracious with our states, Rescuing the doomed, relieving our dire straits: Hide its natural strength in guarded secret trust, And veil its protection in a graceful, gracious mist.

Reckon not that God is heedless of the oppressors; rather He defers their punishment to a day in which eyes roll over and intellects evanesce. Please download one of our supported browsers. nasir

We beg for Your relief, redeemer of the weak; You are enough for us, nasiti humbled and so meek. So it was thatfrom that day, an inspired people moved inexorably to independence from the French, and the restoration of a Sharifi kingship. By this Dua, we become the ones who can construct the future on the ruins now strewn across the deserts of humanism. It is not, however, a pyramid letter the spreading of which alone will secure success.


Nasiri Dua: So Powerful, Rulers Would Ban It From Mosques

Accept this prayer, O Lord: Full text of ” Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation: All thoughts within our hearts will find serenity Through God who fashions all by only saying: It is important that the Muslims spread this Dua until its reverberation undermines the foundations of the current tyranny. By the rank of everyone You raise to noble heights, Among those You conceal or those You bring to light, 1 Al-jaras or here, for the meter, al-jars is the totality of divine expression that comes with unrelenting force.

The kings all bow like us to Your great sovereignty, You choose whom to abase or raise decisively. His Zawiya in Fez became the fountainhead of the national awakening which led to the liberation of the entire Maghrib from French colonialism. No strength can ever match Your awesome majesty, No might can ever breach Your just authority. O all you of faith, bless nasori and salute him with sincere salutation. In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Despite the alcoholism and depravity of the French High Command their intelligence forces quickly traced this new spirit to the recitation of the Nasiri Dua. We seek sincerely endless grace You do provide. He created a Dua Supplication which adhered to an uncomprimising Tawhid The oneness of Allahand at the same time that it declared the Muslims’ utter helplessness, it confirmed the absolute, unrelenting and inescapable power of Allah, glory nairi to Him.

Overcome our foes with Your subduing might, Unravel all their hopes, and force them to take flight; Possessor of great might, aid him naslri those who serve, And fill their hearts with aspirations they deserve; Be merciful with us — You know our frailty. The French bombing of the Moroccan Muslims was the model which the fascist forces of Germany and Italy were later to use in the bombing of Guernica and, then, across Europe.

You are the only one whose bounteous door we seek, Most generous of givers, O Lord, You are unique.